Just in case you get to my site before I have had a chance to modify it, we are going to be offering fun farm visits for special events during summer 2023. We will be at an event June 3. Photos will be taken. I will be modifying the site after this. 

The Way of the Donkey

The Way of the Donkey is all about donkeys and positive empowerment of young people!

The Way of the Donkey ™ and Donkey Enabled Empowerment and Wisdom ~ DonkeyEEAW! 

The Way of the Donkey Summer After School Program

We are getting funding to offer a summer after school program, July 18 through August 11. These activities will be held at the Elmira Grange. There will be four groups of 8 young people. The young people in each group will attend one day a week for four weeks. Monday and Wednesday will be for young people who were in grades K-2 last year. Tuesday and Thursday will be for young people who were in grades 3-5 last year. A grant will pay for this, so there is no charge. There will also be after school sessions after school starts. First priority for these activities are young people who are experiencing challenges — any challenges. This includes any young people who have experienced loss, have been having learning challenges, are neurodiverse, or other similar challenges. Other young people will be able to participate as space permits. 

A brochure is available. 

Please email us for more information or if you are interested. 

The Way of the Donkey

The Way of the Donkey uses miniature donkeys in empowerment activities with youth. Our program is grounded in research insight to support youth who have experienced trauma, are neurodiverse, or have other challenges.

Donkeys have traits that, if emulated, support happiness, resilience, and self regulation. The Way of the Donkey: Make positive connections. Reach out to be kind. Build your strengths. Be thankful. If things get tough… Stop and stay calm. Stand tall. Think things through.

While The Way of the Donkey wants to bring the joy of donkeys to everyone, our primary objective is to work with youth who have or experiencing challenges. This includes loss, trauma, neurodiversity and other disabilities, being bullied, and the like. 

Read more about our Donkey Assisted Empowerment approach.

The Way of the Donkey Information Guides for parents/caregivers, youth, and children are here.

Fun With Kids

New Videos

This video is for parents/caregivers and educators. The Way of the Donkey offers an empowerment approach that is grounded in research in positive psychology, resilience, and self-regulation. This video shares fun information about donkeys and their traits. This video also presents the research that underlies The Way of the Donkey positively powerful strategies. 

This video is for kids!

News Article, Blog, Letters

News article in the Fern Ridge Tribune-News.

Blog from an educational authority and grandmother of a child who came to our obstacle course as it was under development.

Letter from Eugene 4J BEST after school program. 

Letter from Fern Ridge School District.

Letter from Eugene Parks and Recreation.


The Way of the Donkey Book

Look for Nancy’s book on Amazon.

Nancy and the Donkeys

Nancy Willard, the Director of The Way of the Donkey, is a recognized expert in bullying and positive relations, as well as trauma and resilience.

Learn about Nancy Willard

Also learn about our donkeys.


Address: Call, text, or email for information.

Phone: 541-556-1145

Email: wayofthedonkey@gmail.com

Public Benefit Corporation

The Way of the Donkey is a program of Embrace Civility LLC, which has been certified as a Public Benefit Corporation. A Public Benefit Corporation is a corporation or LLC that considers its impact upon society. The focus is on the three P’s: People, Planet, and Profits.

Our 2021-22 Annual Report that documents our work for the benefit of society.