The Way of the Donkey LLC

The Way of the Donkey LLC is all about donkeys (and goats) and resilience and positive empowerment of young people! We are introducing The Way of the Donkey ™ and Donkey Enabled Empowerment and Wisdom ~ DonkeyEEAW! ™.

Learn more about The Way of the Donkey. Please read this blog from an educational authority and grandmother of a child who came to our obstacle course as it was under development.

Watch our new video about donkeys.

Now With Goats!

We have acquired two wonderful, warm and fuzzy Pygora goats. It turns out they are as much fun as donkeys. 

Donkey (or Goat) Empowerment Life Coaching

We are offering Donkey (or Goat) Empowered Life Coaching services on a farm out outside of Veneta and visits to groups (see below).

A donkey (or goat) empowerment obstacles course has been established. These obstacles have been designed with your child’s resilience and empowerment in mind. As we go through life, we face obstacles. We may feel like we are going up and down or forced to change directions, around various blockages, walking a straight path with no diversions, going over jumps, on a teeter totter, going in circles, or through a tunnel. We may also have periods where we are walking through a willow grove or cleansed by a waterfall.

For young people, the focus is first and foremost on having fun. Having fun outside with a loving animal can be very healing — especially at this time. Younger children can choose to walk with a goat, which is a bit more their size.

The Specifics

The initial focus of our activities is serving youth who are neurodiverse, who experience disabilities, are in foster care, or have other challenges. 

We have received funding through the Oregon Community Foundation to provide these services at no charge to families of youth with disabilities during the summer. Family Connections at The ACR of Lane County has obtained funding for scholarships to support visits thereafter. Sessions are approximately an hour.

You and your child can also learn about the wonders of The Way of the Donkey. Our focus is on increasing these three strengths: 

  • Self-regulation. Young people have to remain calm so as not to scare the donkeys. 
  • Getting past fear. Some young people are fearful of the task of leading a donkey. We have strategies to seek to work around these fears. We also respectfully allow students to decide not to interact. 
  • Empowerment and self-confidence. To convince a stubborn donkey to walk with you requires that you stand tall and be assertive.  

The course is designed to be wheelchair accessible. However, it is in a bumpy pasture (blast those gophers) so some level of independence or assistance will be necessary. Wheelchair accessible rustic restroom facilities are present.

Make Your Appointment Here

Please email or call: 541-556-1145.

Donkey (or Goat) Resilience and Empowerment Visits

As of Summer 2021, we are able to bring a donkey or donkeys and/or goats for Resilience and Empowerment Visits to schools or youth organizations.

We have a traveling obstacle course that we can set up to allow young people to lead  the donkey through the obstacles. This is just plain fun. This activity also will provide mental health and well-being support.

To successfully walk a donkey (or goat) requires that you stay calm, be kind, pay attention, and be a positive leader. We stay close enough to provide support — but far enough away to allow the young person to have independent success.

Also, from time to time donkeys (or goats) are known to get some independent thoughts of their own. They might stop. They can be stubborn — especially donkeys. The important lesson is that sometimes when you are on a path, you may get stopped. At this point, it is very important to stay calm, stand tall, and think things through.

Costs and Arrangements

We have received funding through the Oregon Community Foundation to provide these visits at no charge for August. We are seeking funding to be able to continue. We can only bring donkeys (and goats) to sites in Eugene, Springfield, and the closely surrounding communities region at this time.

Please email to make arrangements.

Children’s Book 

My children’s book, The Way of the Donkey, is available on Amazon.



The Way of the Donkey

Learn about The Way of the Donkey, our Donkey Empowered Life Coaching thinking, and Information Resources.

EEAWesome! Shirts

Are you interested in being a supporter of The Way of the Donkey LLC. It would be most helpful if you could purchase one of our EEAWesome! Keep Calm T-shirts.

Income from the sales of these shirts will go into a fund that will specifically be used to the costs of our program for low income families or organizations.


Nancy Willard, the Director of this program, is a recognized expert in bullying and positive relations, as well as trauma and resilience.

Learn about Nancy Willard. Also learn about our donkeys.

Public Benefit Corporation

The Way of the Donkey is a program of Embrace Civility LLC, which has been certified as a Public Benefit Corporation. A Public Benefit Corporation is a corporation or LLC that considers its impact upon society. The focus is on the three P’s: People, Planet, and Profits. We will be providing an Annual Report that documents our work for the benefit of society. 


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