The Way of the Donkey

The Way of the Donkey

The following information about The Way of the Donkey is from the document for younger children. You can download documents below.

Donkeys are wonderful creatures. Donkeys are very friendly and exceptionally smart. Donkeys are very laid back, but also very self-protective and have a mind of their own. Donkeys have an excellent sense of how others are feeling. Donkeys do a lot of things that powerfully positive kids do. What kinds of things?

Connect With Friends Donkeys love their best “buddy.” To be a good friend think about how the other person feels and treat the person the way you would like to be treated. Who did you connect with today?
Reach Out To Be Kind Donkeys scratch each other’s back. When you reach out to be kind to others this makes them feel great ~ and you also! How did you reach out to be kind to someone today?
Build Your Strengths Donkeys like to learn new things. When you use your personal strengths to do new things, this makes you feel happy and empowered. What did you do today that you are proud of?
Be Thankful Donkeys are thankful when they receive treats, especially carrots. Being thankful for the good things makes you feel happy. What happened today that you are thankful for?
If things get tough… If donkeys become unsure or afraid, they do this:
Stop and Stay Calm Donkeys don’t usually run or fight or freeze. They stop and stay focused. Spend a few minutes each day becoming very calm and focused. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and feel your body relax. If something happens that upsets you, take a deep breath and calm yourself.
Stand Tall Donkeys stand tall and look powerful. Standing tall will help you feel positively powerful. Practice “feeling small” and then “standing tall.” Feel the difference. Always remember to stand tall and walk with pride ~ especially if you are facing a challenge or are upset.
Think Things Through Donkeys think things through. They figure out what is best to do. If you need to figure out what to do, ask yourself these questions: What has actually happened? What is my goal? What several powerful positive actions I could take that use my strengths? Is each action in accord with my values? For each action, what might happen? What is my best first choice? If this does not work, what else could I do?

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