It is first necessary for TCPDS to find a home with pasture and stable facilities to engage in these donkey rescue activities.

There is a huge need for donkey rescue operations, and a special opportunity in the Northwest to find new homes for donkeys. There are hundreds of donkeys that have been rescued or are in threat of being shipped to slaughter, especially in Texas and Louisiana.

For example, the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue (PVDR) whose headquarters are in Texas, just brought in 157 wild mini donkeys. The jennets had all been running wild with jacks, so many babies are expected. PVDR has reached out to rescues asking them to take some of these mini donkeys in to gentle, train, and find new homes for.

Another Texas Rescue, Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue, regularly rescues standard and mini donkeys from the kill pens in Texas and Louisiana. This rescue also recently put a call out for help in training and finding new homes for the donkeys they have rescued.

While there are many donkeys in southern states, there are fewer in the Pacific Northwest. When a permanent stable location has been obtained, TCPDS will both rescue donkeys at risk locally and seek to act as a conduit for the donkeys who are rescued elsewhere and are now being warehoused in these rescue locations. TCPDS will then strive to rehome these donkeys.

TCPDS will also encourage the adoption of donkeys by hosting Donkey Days fun events at the stable location. These will be opportunities for people in the region who own donkeys to come and have their donkeys compete in obstacle course and mountain trail events.