About Our Donkeys

Our Donkeys



Bella is a 16 year old spotted grey and white mini jenny. Bella was a rescue donkey who was cared for by Peggy at Crown Meadow. She is the mother of Otis and Sweat Pea. She and Sweat Pea are best friends. Bella looks wonderful in her sun hat with blue flowers and trim.

Bella reminds kids and teens to connect with friends. She and Sweat Pea are quite inseparable.

Sweet Pea


Sweat Pea is a 11 year old mini jenny, who is spotted grey and white. Sweet Pea was also a rescue donkey who was cared for by Peggy at Crown Meadow. She is Bella’s daughter and best buddy. Sweat Pea loves her pink hat with pink and white flowers and a scarf.

Sweat Pea scratches Bella’s back and gets her own back scratched in turn. She reminds kids and teach to reach out to be kind.



Crown Meadow Opie is a 16 year old mini john (gelded male). Opie is registered. He came from Crown Meadow, breeders of find miniature donkeys. He was three times a Reserve Champion Jack at ages 2 and 3. Opie is a lovely dark grey. He is Otis’ best buddy. He looks great in his matador hat.

Opie loves to learn new things. He reminds kids and teens to build their strengths.

June Bug


June Bug is a 7 year old mini jenny. She was purchased at the Eugene Livestock Auction. She is a beautiful brown color with big brown eyes. June Bug’s best friends are one of our standard donkeys, Fiona–a larger brown donkey. Her favorite hat is a lovely orange hat, with a sunflower.

June Bug loves carrots and to go on long walks through the woods. She reminds kids and teens to be thankful.



Dominique was a 3 year old Christmas present that Tom and Jane Cramer gave to their daughters, Phacelia, Melica and Arenaria. So that makes her 18 now. She is a medium grey donkey who loves kids. She is the mother of Carex. (Tom studied botany and so all children, including donkey children are named after plants.)

The Cramers gave Dominique and Carex to The CWay of the Donkey because their children have grown and they wanted these donkeys to bring happiness to other children. Dominique looks great in her pink cow girl hat.

Dominique is a very calm donkey. Dominique reminds kids and teens that if things get tough, they should stop and stay focused.



Otis is a 12 year old mini john. He is light grey and is Opie’s best buddy. Otis was also a rescue donkey who was cared for by Peggy at Crown Meadow and is he son of Bella. When Otis first came, he was so scared that no one could get close to him. Now he loves to be scratched. Otis looks great in his top hat with feather.

Otis walks proudly where ever he goes. He reminds kids and teens to stand tall.



Dante is a 7 year old grey standard donkey who more appropriately could be called a burro. Dante’s mother was a wild burro in Southern California who was captured. Dante was born in the BLM pens. Dante was trained through the Platero project and was then adopted by Nancy. Nancy is training him to compete in mountain trail competitions.

Dante is a cautious donkey who is always thinking. He reminds kids and teens to think things through to decide what is best to do.