The Way of the Donkey

The Way of the Donkey is all about donkeys and positive empowerment!

We are introducing The Way of the Donkey ™ and Donkey Enabled Empowerment and Wisdom ~ DonkeyEEAW! ™

Long Term Objectives

Our long term objectives are to offer Donkey Assisted Therapy services, especially for young people who have experienced trauma or have other challenges. We also want to establish a healing donkey sanctuary where people can come to fun events to interact with donkeys.

Read these news articles: Amber’s Donkey. Donkeys and Autism. Look at what The Donkey Sanctuary in the U.K. is doing in donkey assisted therapy.

This is a proposal for a comprehensive intervention approach we would like to offer with emotionally challenged students

Your use of our services for Donkey Birthday Parties and other events will help us build our financial basis to move forward on these objectives.

Summer 2018 Activities

These are the activities we are launching Summer 2017!

Donkey Meet and Greets  We had our first Donkey Meet and Greet in 2016 at the Lane County Fair. We are looking for other community events where we can allow people to Meet and Greet donkeys. These give us the opportunity to provide general Way of the Donkey insight to parents and others. We will be appearing downtown Eugene as part of EugFun!

The Way of the Donkey Community, Parent, or Professional Presentations. Our presentations cover fun facts about donkeys and The Way of the Donkey, but will vary based on the audience. If appropriate, we can bring donkeys along for a visit! Read more and contact us here!

  • Social Service Clubs, Retirement Centers, and the Like
  • Parents
  • Education, Mental Health, and Youth Professionals¬†
  • Schools and Companies


Donkey Visits These are experiences where the donkeys the people we are visiting would be able to hug the donkeys, groom them, and walk them around. This could be a visit to a retirement center or similar facility. This could also be visits to special education classrooms, preschools, and other community care centers.


It is challenging for any non-profit to raise funds through donations and the organizations providing service to more vulnerable young people and adults are often seeking financial support. And yes, we have ongoing costs we must meet.

It is for this reason, The Caring Place Donkey Sanctuary will engage in income producing activities.

Donkey Birthday Parties Two hours of fun with donkeys for your child. Donkey obstacle course. Groom the donkey. Donkey photo-ops. Sorry, no Pin the Tail on the Donkey. We will bring along positive parenting guidance and a positive empowerment coloring book for the kids.

Wedding Donkeys Bring our donkeys to your special event! The donkeys can be decked out in your flowers and color scheme. They can serve as greeters, flower-donks, ring-bearer donks, deliver gifts to the guests, photo-ops, and entertain the children with an obstacle course.

Company Picnics or Family Reunions Our donkeys can be the hit attraction at your corporate picnic or family reunion. We will also bring along positive parenting guidance and a positive empowerment coloring book for the kids.

Long Term Goals

Our long term goals include the following:

  • Acquire property in the country that we can turn into a healing place.
    • Have an indoor arena for donkey assisted therapy activities through out the year. Set up a mountain trail course. Create a wheel-chair and donkey accessible path through the woods to a site where our guests can have a cook-out. Create a wheel-chair and donkey accessible labyrinth. Establish a small workshop center.
  • More fully develop, implement, and evaluate a variety of DonkeyEEAW! interventions for young people and others who face greater challenges. We will seek grant funding to conduct social science research on the effectiveness of these activities.
  • Develop team building and leadership workshops using donkeys for business executives and others.
  • Engage in rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of donkeys.
  • Engage in other life affirming and caring activities that can bring in income to support the donkey rescue and donkey assisted life coaching activities.
    • This could include Donkey Tai Chi, Burro Racing, and Mountain Trail Competitions. Our intent is to find fun activities that can bring in financial resources to lessen the need to seek grants and donations. This will also include sales of donkey-related products like cool t-shirts and mugs.

Become a EEAWesome! Angel Donors

We need funds to support our start-up.

Anyone who donates over $50 before December 31, 2017 will be considered a EEAWesome! Angel Donor.

Benefits of becoming a EEAWesome! Angel Donor.

  • We will hold a wonderful party with an exclusive invitation to the EEAWesome! Angel Donor. (Of course donkeys will be there.)
  • We will continue to hold special events solely for our EEAWesome! Angel Donor.
  • You will receive a 10% discount for forever on any products we sell or fun community events we host.
  • You will receive a certificate and donkey poster noting your special status as a EEAWesome! Angel Donor.
  • As our activities and public presence increase, EEAWesome! Angel Donors will have a forever feeling of being happy and proud that you stepped in to support us, just as we were getting started.


To avoid the fees associated with a crowd funding site, we are using PayPal to allow for donations. You choose what amount you would like to give. Every donation will be gratefully received.

If you want to send a check, please send us an email to ask for our address.


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Address: Call, text, or email for information.

Phone: 541-556-1145